31 Encouragement Note Prompts For Marriage

For Christmas this year I decided to gift Alex with 12 dates. There is one for each month of this year, and one of the months our second daughter will be born! So, I especially picked this year, because I know how hard it is to invest in one another with only one baby, let alone two. Once the second little stinker comes, and we can barely remember our own names, we have a foolproof way to enjoy one another. I’m excited to see how each one pans out, and I also added in an extra two envelopes of date ideas just in case the one I planned out isn’t quite working. 

Here are some of the pictures of the box and envelopes! 
I will be disclosing all the different date ideas in my next post! If you live in St. Louis or are coming to visit, then these include fun things you can participate in! 

For this particular post, I am sharing about the date idea that falls on the month our daughter will be born. I planned out something pretty cool! I wanted us to be really encouraged this month, and to be a loving team. What better way than to use words of affirmation, hand written by the one you love the most on this earth! So, the first day of the month we’ll crack open the date envelope, and answer thirty-one encouragement prompts for one another. There is one prompt for each day of the month, that the other person can read for encouragement. Mainly, because I doubt we will be able to pour into one another with deep conversation during this time.
Therefore, the following list is the actual questions I used! Enjoy!

31 Encouragement Note Writing Prompts:

1. Favorite thing that spouse does with Roslyn (your child)? 
2. One thing that your spouse does that really shows they care. 
3. Best part of the other person’s body?
4. What are you thankful for in our family today? 
5. Favorite date that we’ve ever been on and describe it! 
6. What your spouse is really good at in parenting? 
7. What area have you seen your spouse grow spiritually in recently? 
8. Write one word that sums up how you feel about your spouse. (A good word of course!!) 
9. What is one idiosyncrasy that you love about your spouse? 
10. What’s one food that you love that your spouse makes? 
11. What’s one hobby or activity that your spouse is very talented at?
12. What’s one Bible verse that you want to encourage your spouse with? 
13. Say one thing that will encourage them when they are extremely tired! 
14. Think of one picture that you love of your spouse and describe it to them.
15. What did your spouse do really well with during the delivery and right after Esme (your child) was born? 
16. What’s one thing your spouse can do that you wish you could do. 
17. Write one thing that the other person is really good at in marriage.
18. What’s one thing that makes your spouse very attractive to you.
19. Look up a romantic poem or quote that reminds you of your spouse.
20. What person in the Bible reminds you of your spouse and why? 
21. What good characteristic has Roslyn (your child) inherited from the other person? 
22. What does your spouse clean really well? 
23. What is your favorite outfit that your spouse wears? 
24. How has your spouse changed you in a beneficial way? 
25. What is a goal or dream that your spouse has that you admire? 
26. What is something you really respect about your spouse? 
27. If you could go anywhere with your spouse on vacation where would it be and describe it! 
28. Say something lovely and heartfelt! 
29. What pretty song describes or shows something about your spouse? 
30.  What gift of the spirit has your spouse been operating under lately? 
31. Favorite thing that spouse does with Esme (your child)? 
I hope these prompts are helpful for your marriage as well, and if you have any questions/comments feel free to let me know below!