Are you making church all about you?

Are you consumers of your church or are you the church? I know it’s a hard question to understand, but it is an extremely important question to ask yourself if you are involved with a church. Many churches are consumeristic in nature. Since we have grown up in a very consumeristic world and society, it is natural for us to automatically assume the church runs that way too.
In reality God’s design for the church is completely different. He does not want us merely to be consuming the church but to be the church! We have to realize that church is not a building it is literally people. It was never meant to be a building or an hour on Sunday. It was made to be lived out by us.   

The reason I am approaching this point is due to the lack of understanding at my own church. Although it is preached not to only consume our church, because we are the church. Many times we fall short of that calling. People still ask me what our church is doing that is missional, or why our church isn’t discipling people more? The real question they should be asking is, “why am I not going on mission, or why am I not discipling others?”

When people ask questions in that fashion they are essentially pointing the finger at the church. It shows that they still don’t understand how consumeristic they truly are. Maybe it’s because that is the only version of church they know, or maybe they are too scared to do those things on their own. Either way, church members need to press into their relationship with God and bust through those walls.

We should not be scared, and we have to believe that God can change our hearts. The church is the bride of Christ and we are that church!

For no one ever hated his own flesh, but nourishes and cherishes it, just as Christ also does the church, because we are members of His body.

Ephesians 5:29-30

If Christ cares about us (the church) that much then we should make sure to have the right view of it. We should take his plan and design for the church over our own.