How to Live Out Proverbs 31:20

Do you ever have those times when you’re really surprised by what someone believes? Well what happened the other day was surprising to me, and it was tremendously hard for me to hold my tongue. I think the most unsettling part of the whole situation was the fact that this Christian person was bashing homeless people.
Her statement went along the lines of, “she couldn’t stand how they stood on the corners trying to get money, that they made so much money, and that they all choose to be homeless. Hearing these words really broke my heart, because I started wondering how many other Christians are so uneducated about this topic.
Working in the ER, I can tell you I have first hand experience with the homeless. I also spent a lot of time volunteering at homeless shelters while I was in college, and I actually recently went to work at an overflow shelter in downtown St. Louis.
First, let’s get some recent statistics under our belt.
On a single night in 2017, 553,742 people were experiencing h…

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